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  Personal Profile:


Name - Craig Robinson

Nationality - English

Team Supported - Newcastle United

Team Supported Favourite Player -  Ruel Fox

  Favourite Ever Player - Clarence Seedorf

Induction Date - 25/05/15


 Collectors Profile:


 1. When did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

I started collecting SoccerStarz when the very first series of figures were released, which was the Danish national  team, on the 8th June 2012


 2. Why did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

I started collecting as i am an avid football fan and also a collector of Corinthian football figures, so these all new SoccerStarz instantly had me hooked!


 3. Which was the very first SoccerStarz you purchased?

 The very first SoccerStarz i purchased were the entire Danish national set.


4. What is your favourite SoccerStarz figure?

 My favourite SoccerStarz figure so far has to be the Skrtel for Liverpool, such a menancing looking sculpt. It captures the likenss and attitude of the player, plus it looks cool with his tattoo's.


5. How many SoccerStarz do you have in your collection so far?

 I have 1 of each SoccerStarz released so far, which currently stands at 1110, but is always increasing! In addition i get figure from each team per season to keep in blister, as an example of the blister packaging used for that team in that seasons collection. I also have all Newcastle United SoccerStarz in blister, along with all Team Packs which came issued with a COA, oh and the Uruguay 12 pack too.


 6. Do you buy your SoccerStarz in Blind Bag or Blister Pack?

 I prefer to buy them in Blister Pack where possible, to ensure GREEN base and to obtain any collector cards which are issued. Some figures are only released in Blind Bags, so i buy those too in the hope of obtaining the exclusive figures.


7. Do you purchase your SoccerStarz online or from a shop?

 I am a reseller of SoccerStarz, so i get my figures direct from SoccerStarz, however i also do trades with other collectors.


  8. Do you collect your SoccerStarz all on 1 base colour, or just random base colours?

I collect all mine on GREEN base except where green was not produced, for example the Carrefour Belgian Red Devils which were only done on GOLD.


9. Do you display your SoccerStarz loose, or do you keep them in Blister Pack?

 I display my SoccerStarz loose in teams and arranged by season, however i also have Blister Packs, Team Packs and Clear Sachets but they are stored away, along with my collection of Blind Bag CDU's.


10. What is the most you have paid for a single SoccerStarz figure?

 I have managed to obtain the vast majority of my collection at regular price, however i have a Lionel Messi Barcelona Away 20141/5 on ORANGE base which cost me £40, not a fan of the Orange base, however it matched the kit so makes a nice addition to my collection.


11. Which current player or manager would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

SoccerStarz already release such a vast range of figures, from a wide variety of teams, so whichever name i put it would be likely they would soon be released, that said i would like to see a Geoff Stelling SoccerStarz figure, think it would be a quirky addition to the collection.


12. Which Legend from the past would you most like to see made as a SoccerStarz?

Easy, that would have to be Ruel Fox!

Craig Robinson

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