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  Personal Profile:


Name - Jamie Nash

Nationality - English

Team Supported - Stoke City

Team Supported Favourite Player - Ricardo Fuller

 Favourite Ever Player - David Beckham

 Induction Date -26/05/15


 Collectors Profile:


1. When did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

I have been collecting SoccerStarz since their release in 2012.


 2. Why did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

I started collecting because I was always a fan of ProStars and MicroStars and was chuffed to see another similar product back on the market after the end of Corinthian. It was a no brainer!


 3. Which was the very first SoccerStarz figure you purchased?

The first SoccerStarz figure I purchased was a John Terry – Chelsea (red base I think!) from a Series 1 Blind Bag.


4. What is your favourite SoccerStarz figure?

My favourite SoccerStarz sculpt is Mario Balotelli. Love the player and I think the sculpt is one of the best  SoccerStarz have made. My favourite figure in my collection also happens to be my Balotelli in the Man City home kit on BLACK base, along with my Drogba and Malouda Chelsea chasers on GOLD base.


 5. How many SoccerStarz do you have in your collection so far?

In my collection I have every unique SoccerStarz figure released to date, including the figures released exclusively in box sets. In addition to this I have 300+ GOLD bases, 70+ BLACK  bases and around 30 ORANGE/BRONZE figures.


 6. Do you buy your SoccerStarz in Blind Bag or in Blister Pack?

As I like to collect figures on the rare bases as well as on GREEN bases, I buy a mixture of both Blind Bags and Blister Packs. My main collection is all on GREEN base so the majority of the figures I have brought have been from Blister Packs.


7. Do you purchase your SoccerStarz online, or from a shop?

The majority of the figures I buy online but also buy a lot of Blind Bags from Co-Op’s and Toys R Us.


 8. Do you collect your SoccerStarz all on 1 base colour, or just random base colours?

I try to get every figure released on GREEN base (where applicable) and my only exceptions to this so far are Kerim Frei (red base) and Danny Simpson 14/15 (gold base). I also try and collect as many figures on the rare bases, especially GOLD and BLACK.


 9. Do you display your SoccerStarz loose, or do you keep them in Blister Pack?

I keep my SoccerStarz loose but also try and pick up some of the rarer blisters and keep them sealed, like Ba – Newcastle, Van Persie – Arsenal, etc.


 10. What is the most you have paid for a single SoccerStarz figure?

The most I have paid so far for a single SoccerStarz figure is £40 for Didier Drogba – Chelsea CL Winners Box Set Chaser – GOLD Base.


 11. Which current player or manager would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

With my Stoke City supporter head on I’d love to see Marc Muniesa sculpted, but that aside I’d love to see SoccerStarz venture into Serie A and would love a Francesco Totti figure!


 12. Which Legend from the past would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

That’s an easy one for me, the Brazilian Ronaldo!

Jamie Nash

Gold Base Collection


black Base Collection

Orange&Bronze Base Collection

Signed Blister Pack Collection

Connect with Jamie Nash via his facebook page JN Figurines:

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