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  Personal Profile:


Name - Kirk Wilson

Nationality - English

Team Supported - Liverpool

Team Supported Favourite Player - Steven Gerrard

  Favourite Ever Player - Robbie Fowler

  Induction Date - 24/08/15


 Collectors Profile:


 1. When did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

Can't remember exactly but used to collect Corinthian Microstars


 2. Why did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

I really love football i will watch any team and thought it was cool to collect them  


 3. Which was the very first SoccerStarz you purchased?

 I purchased sturidge Liverpool first and been collecting ever since   


4. What is your favourite SoccerStarz figure?

 Brendan Rodgers


5. How many SoccerStarz do you have in your collection so far?

 too many to count and im thining them down at the moment as I wanna collect full teams in prem


 6. Do you buy your SoccerStarz in Blind Bag or Blister Pack?

 I buy mine of the Facebook collectors group now but use to buy in blisters and foil bags  


7. Do you purchase your SoccerStarz online or from a shop?

i buy SoccerStarz via the Facebook collectors group


  8. Do you collect your SoccerStarz all on 1 base colour, or just random base colours?

I try to get them on Green base


9. Do you display your SoccerStarz loose, or do you keep them in Blister Pack?



10. What is the most you have paid for a single SoccerStarz figure?



11. Which current player or manager would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

I would like to see Sean O'Driscall  


12. Which Legend from the past would you most like to see made as a SoccerStarz?

Eric Cantona

kirk wilson

Collection gallery

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