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  Personal Profile:


Name - Lee Bowman

Nationality - Brittish

Team Supported - Crystal Palace

Team Supported Favourite Player - Julian Speroni & Glenn Murray

  Favourite Ever Player - Julian Speroni (Crystal Palace) & Fabio Cannavaro (world)

  Induction Date -08/06/15


 Collectors Profile:


 1. When did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

2012 so shortly after their release


 2. Why did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

I was always a Corinthian collector and these are now the 'new Corinthians' so they appealed to me.


 3. Which was the very first SoccerStarz you purchased?

 The first series of Spurs figures when my local WH Smith started stocking them!


4. What is your favourite SoccerStarz figure?

  Naturally the Crystal Palace set are my favourites as we have never had figures released before.  I loved the Uruguay World Cup set and think the Jurgen Klopp sculpt is is one of the better ones so far.


5. How many SoccerStarz do you have in your collection so far?

As a guess, around 150-200 Blisters


 6. Do you buy your SoccerStarz in Blind Bag or Blister Pack?

 Blister packs primarily


7. Do you purchase your SoccerStarz online or from a shop?

Online but occasionally in-store


  8. Do you collect your SoccerStarz all on 1 base colour, or just random base colours?

Generally just what ever colour I get in a blind bag but I would like to get hold of the complete Crystal Palace set on both Red and Blue bases.


9. Do you display your SoccerStarz loose, or do you keep them in Blister Pack?

Always in blisters and in a display cabinet.


10. What is the most you have paid for a single SoccerStarz figure?

Not much yet, I bought the 'Uruguay only' World Cup releases from a seller down in Uruguay and communicated with him using Google Translate!  I think I paid about £5 each so not a lot.


11. Which current player or manager would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

Alan Pardew is now being released so I would have to say Julian Speroni.  I am not sure why SoccerStarz did not release him initially as I guarantee he would be the best selling Crystal Palace figure if produced.


12. Which Legend from the past would you most like to see made as a SoccerStarz?

Fabio Cannavaro

Lee Bowman

Collection gallery

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