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 SoccerStarz Archive is your in depth collectors guide to the football figurines called SoccerStarz.


 On this website you can find detailed information on all of the SoccerStarz series, as and when they are released. All figures will be imaged, along with the various packaging formats, promotional material and SoccerStarz related articles.


 Use the left hand menu to navigate your way around the site, here is a guide to each section:


 Collectors Room - A NEW feature to SoccerStarz Archive is the 'Collectors Room' which allows YOU, the SoccerStarz collector to have your very own page on the website to proudly showcase your collection! Click the link on the left hand menu to visit the Collectors Room page, to see those already added and for information on how to enter!


 Series - As each series is released it will be found here, with a detailed report along with images of each figure and packaging formats covered too. Alternatively click one of the buttons underneath 'Series' to go directly to that series release.


 Clear Sachet - All series of the Clear Sachet will be detailed here.


 Foil Bag -  As each series of the Foil Bag is released, it will be fully detailed in this section. This will include all UK and Foreign relases of this product.


 Collector Cards - The place to be to view all the Collector Cards that have been released.


 Player A-Z - This section has all the soccerStarz figures listed in alphabetical order, with one page per letter.


 Team A-Z - Here you will find a list of each team SoccerStarz has released figures for and by clicking on any of the team badges you will be taken to a page which showcases all figures released for that team.


 Check Lists - This section features comprehensive and fully complete lists of ALL SoccerStarz released so far, with each team having thier own page, along with complete season lists and all team packs listed too, ideal if you want to quickly check on a figure or teams releases.


 Unreleased SoccerStarz - An exciting part of the SoccerStarz Archive website, it features those figures which were never released! Take a look inside the SoccerStarz Vault.


 Newsletter -  Here you can read all issues of the OFFICIAL SoccerStarz Newsletter. It features all the latest news, figure images and even allows collectors all over the world to proudly show of thier own collection of SoccerStarz. If you have not subscribed to the newsletter, you can do so by following a link on the page.


 Blog - Here you can view the SoccerStarz Archive Video Blogs. The blog gives collectors  more indepth look into the ranges and figures, aswell as answearing collectors question.


 Links - A page dedicated to SoccerStarz and Corinthian related websites.


 Contact me - If you wish to send me a message, here is the place to do it.


 Facebook Community - Join the largest community of SoccerStarz collectors on Facebook. As part of the group you can Buy, Sell and Trade your SoccerStarz figures, as well as interact with fellow collectors and be kept up to date with all the latest SoccerStarz news. Join the community now:


 Please note, this website is in no part affiliated to 'Creative Toys Company' it is run by collectors, for collectors. All the images found within the site are used with kind permission of 'Creative Toys Company.'


SoccerStarz Archive would like to thank Madbooth for kindly providing many of the SoccerStarz blister pack images used on the site. Madbooth is based in Japan but welcomes overseas orders, They hold incredible stock of Corinthian Headliners, ProStars and MicroStars, aswell as SoccerStarz, not to mention a whole range of other sporting goods and collectibles. Click the Madbooth banner below to view thier site.

SoccerStarz Archive would like to thank 'Kim Josef Haaland' for providing some of the SoccerStarz Blister Pack images used on the site. Kim has an incredible collection of SoccerStarz blister packs, to view is superb collection, simply follow him on FaceBook 


Welcome to SoccerStarz Archive

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SoccerStarz?


SoccerStarz are 2 inch high miniature figurines made from plastic. They feature the worlds greatest players from all the top club sides and national teams, all are officialy licensed and endorsed by the clubs.


 Who Produces SoccerStarz?


The company which manufactures SoccerStarz is "Creative Toys Company" who are one of Europe's largest distributors of entertainments products including video games and toys.


Where can i buy SoccerStarz?


SoccerStarz can be found in a vast amount of shops, such as Supermarkets like Tesco and Asda, as well as being in toy retailers Hamleys and The Entertainer. There are also many places to buy SoccerStarz online too. To view a list of all SoccerStarz retailers, please click this link:


 What teams are available in the SoccerStarz range?


 To view all the teams SoccerStarz have released figures for, simply click on the 'Team A-Z' button located in the menu to the left.


 What players have been made into SoccerStarz?


To view an entire list of all players who have been made into SoccerStarz, simply click the 'Player A-Z' link button located in the left hand menu.


 What packaging styles are the figures released on?


SoccerStarz are released on a number of different packaging formats:

Blister Pack - These are best if you want to see which figure you are buying, more commonly found in the official Club shops and toy stores. Each figure comes with a collector card and the figures are on a GREEN base (although there are a few exceptions to this) To view an example of a blister pack click this link: Blister Pack Example


Secret Sachet/Blind Bag - The Blind Bag is a sealed sachet that contains 1 randomly packed SoccerStarz figure, however no collector cards are found inside the Blind Bag. The Blind Bag product features the SoccerStarz figurines on a wide variety of base colours, with some figures being released on as many as 9 colours! This product is more commonly found in Supermarkets and Newsagents.To find more detailed information on the Blind Bag product, please click the 'Secret Sachet' button on the left hand menu.


Team Packs/Box Sets - The figures can also be found inside Team packs and box sets, these tend to represent great value for money, some of these products are a limited edition release and come with individually numbered certificates of authenticity.


 Why are the figures on different colour bases?


The SoccerStarz figurines can be found on anything up to 9 different colour bases, below is a rarity table:

 Green Base 25.5%

 Red Base 21.4% 

 Blue Base 17%

White 17%

 Silver 12% 

 Gold 5.5% 

Black 1%

 Orange 0.3%

 Bronze 0.3%

The different colour bases adds a collectible appeal to the product, with some collectors choosing to get all their figures on a club specific base colour, for example all Arsenal SoccerStarz on a RED base. Collectors will pay more for the rare base colours and auction site Ebay is the best place to buy and sell them.


 How much does each SoccerStarz figure cost?


Prices vary dramatically, so it is worth shopping around for the best deal. Blister packs have an RRP of around £2.99 while the Bling Bag has an RRP of £1.99

I would like to personally thank Laura Trocaru for spell checking my work, ensuring all links work correctly, being a sounding board for my ideas, but mostly importantly, just for believing in me and providing me with love and constant support, this site would not have been possible without you, Thank You Angel.