2015 blind bag!

2015 Editon Foil Bag

The SoccerStarz 2015 Secret Sachet got a make over, not just in colour, but also in name! SoccerStarz rebranded the product as a 'Foil Bag' which moved away from being called 'Blind Bags' which is a term used inside the industry for the product, i still feel Secret Sachet is a better name, as it encorporates the 'SS' as in the product name SoccerStarz.


The Foil Bags were changed into a bright Yellow colour, very eye catching it is indeed. SoccerStarz chose to release the product onto the market in what they called 'Waves' with 3 waves of releases, one in September, one in December and the 3rd Wave arriving in January 2015.


The reason for this 'wave' release is that it enable the company to have the product out on the market at the start of the season, and allowed them time to prepare the new figures. As the Foil bags are not transparent, it is impossible to know which figure you are buying, so it provided the perfect foil for SoccerStarz to shift unsold stock from the 2013/14 collection, by placing it into the foil bags.


Wave 1 is largely made up of figures from the 2013/14 collection, all of which are on a GREEN base, which leads me to believe they simply opened unsold blister packs and filled these wave 1 foil bags with them, to clear stock, further weight is added to my theory by the fact some foil bags were found to have collector cards in them!


Despite SoccerStarz saying there are 3 Waves of the 2015 Foil Bag, on the bags themselves there is NO way to distinguish which wave of bags you, as a customer, are buying! This wave release did very little to adhere themselves to collectors, it left many collectors once again very disappointed and also deceived by a poor product, rushed onto the market place before it was ready. A wave idea is a good one and if the correct thought is applied it can be very successful, however this had one thought in mind, clearing unsold stock until new figures were ready!


The figures were made available on 9, yes 9 base colours! Despite the SoccerStarz being made on 9 base colours, there was still no leaflet inside the foil bag to explain to collectors the significance of each base colour, it's rarity or indeed it's value on the secondary market, this was another mistake made by the company in relation to this product, they removed the collector cards from blister packs, replaced them with a information leaflet, which did explain the base colour significance, but did not seem the need to include it in the foil bags where these different base colours are actually found, does make one wonder who thinks this product out and approves it!


The 2015 Foil Bag once again saw Manchester United have thier own specific style bag, however the product was only available as an 18piece CDU, the 9 piece CDU had been done away with. The bag also containd a few exclusive figures, not that SoccerStarz made collectors aware of this fact, probably down to them not realising this themselves!


Below you will see a list of which SoccerStarz were released in which wave, however i must stress this is the information provided by SoccerStarz, as such it is not likely to be 100% accurate. I must also stress that it is impossible to say if each figure listed was indeed produced on all 9 base colours.

Here are the 9 base colours the soccerStarz were reelased on, along with each colours rarity.

base colour rating

Here is the 2015 Foil Bag. Many of the figures depicted on the bag did not feature inside the bag until Waves 2 or 3, false advertising really!

blind bag
Man Utd blind 2015
wave 1 banner
wave 1a
wave 1b
wave 1c
wave 1d
wave 1e
wave 1e
wave 2 banner
wave 2a
wave 2b
wave 2c
wave 2d
wave 2e
wave 3 banner
wave 3a
wave 3b
wave 3c
wave 3d
wave 3e
wave 3f
wave 3g
wave 3h
wave 3i
wave 3k
Man Utd blind 2015