2016-Foil-Bag (1)
2016-Foil-Bag (1)

Foil Bag 2016 Edition

The SoccerStarz 2016 Edition Foil Bag was initially released in September 2015 and like the 2015 edition it was released in a number of different waves. The figures found inside the bag seemed to mirror those being released in blister packs, it seemed to collectors that the bags were being filled at around the same time the blisters were being packed.


Base colour wise it seemed the figures were only on Green or Red base, it was not until the wave of bags came out in early 2016 did other base colours appear. Manchester United once again had their own foil bag, however this was not released until February 2016, this was down to contractual issues with Manchester United, mostly regarding the replication of the kit.


SoccerStarz did provide a list on their official website of the figures which were included inside the bag, however it was not entirely accurate. it is fair to say that most collectors were once again disappointed with the bag, it was filled with the same figures and no rare bases in sight.


The only positive of the bga was that it included a rare and exclusive figure, which was the previously unreleased figure of Fred in Brazil national kit! The inclusion of Fred shocked all collectors and was highly sought after. His inclusion was perplexing and i can only assume that when SoccerStarz moved factories they perhaps came across a stock of the figure and instead of disposing of it they chose to include him in the foil bag, whatever the reason was it was fantastic to add this figure to the collection.


Below is the list of SoccerStarz supposed to be in the 2016 Edition Foil Bag, as shown on the official SoccerStarz website.

2016-Foil-Bag (1)
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