manchester city

2012/13 Collection

A total of 9 Manchester City collector cards were released as part of the SocerStarz 2012/13 Collection, all released as single blister packs.

man city 1213

2013/14 Collection

All 9 Manchester City SoccerStarz that were relased as part of the 2012/13 Collection were repainted into the new 2013/14 kit and released in blister pack format, however the cards were not updated, they were exactly the same as the previosuly released version.

8 new Manchester City SoccerStarz were released as part of the 2013/14 Collection, all with collector cards. One thing worth of note is that the collector card of Fernandinho was in fact an error card, as it had his name wrongly spelt as Fernandihno, collectors had to wait to see if the error would be corrected and a new collector card produced.

man city 1314