2012 Champions League Winners

The 2012 Champions League Winners Box set featured 23 Chelsea SoccerStarz, all of which came issued with a collectors card. Some of the figures inside the pack were later release as single blister packs, however not all of them ,so buying the pack was your only way to ensure you obtained the full 23 collector card set.

chelsea cl a
chelsea cl b

2012/13 Collection

The 2012/13 Collection featured a total of 18 Chelsea SoccerStarz, all available as single blister packs and accompanied by a collector card. Some of the blister packs became very hard to find, the likes of Hazard and Luiz can be tricky to acquire. The initial set of 8 Chelsea SoccerStarz collector cards featured the information text box, the subsequent ones did not.

chelsea 1213 a
chesea 1213 b

2013/14 Collection

The 2013/14 Collection of Chelsea SoccerStarz featured 12 new figure releases and then a number of kit repaints from the 2012/13 Collection. The repaints did come with collector cards however the card was not updated, it was the exact same card that was found in the 2012/13 collection blister packs. The 2013/14 Collection added 12 collector cards to the collection.

chelsea 1314