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Collectors Room

Welcome to the SoccerStarz Archive Collectors Room

The SoccerStarz Archive Collectors Room is the place for you, the SoccerStarz collector, to proudly show off your SoccerStarz collection!


To be included in the Collectors Room, simply complete the Personal Profile with your details, answer the 12 Collectors Profile Questions posed below, you can also send pictures of your collection, and send it in an email to me at:


So what are you waiting for, get yourself involved and become a part of the SoccerStarz Archive Collectors Room.


Personal Profile:


Name -

Nationality -

Team Supported -

Team Supported Favourite Player -  

 Favourite Ever Player -


Collectors Profile:


1. When did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

2. Why did you start collecting SoccerStarz?

3. Which was the very first SoccerStarz figure you purchased?

4. What is your favourite SoccerStarz figure?

5. How many SoccerStarz do you have in your collection so far?

6. Do you buy your SoccerStarz in Blind Bag or in Blister Pack?

7. Do you purchase your SoccerStarz online, or from a shop?

8. Do you collect your SoccerStarz all on 1 base colour, or just random base colours?

9. Do you display your SoccerStarz loose, or do you keep them in Blister Pack?

10. What is the most you have paid for a single SoccerStarz figure?

11. Which current player or manager would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

12. Which Legend from the past would you most like to see made into a SoccerStarz?

Collectors Room Inductee's

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