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In addition to the Blister Pack and Team Packs, SoccerStarz were also released in Foil Bags. The figures found in this product are exactly the same as in the Blister pack, however they are found on various base colours but do not come issued with a Collectors Card.

Each Foil Bag contains 1 RANDOMLY packed SoccerStarz figurine and has a RRP of £1.99, a lower price point than the Blister pack.

The Foil Bag varies in a number of ways to the Blister Packs:

  • The bags are not see-thru, making it almost impossible to tell which figure you are buying

  • No Collector Cards are included

  • Each SoccerStarz figurine is randomly packed

  • The SoccerStarz figurines are produced on a number of different base colours, unlike the Blister Pack where the figures are on GREEN base (there are a few exceptions to this!)

Each SoccerStarz Foil Bag is featured below, to find out about a particular foil bag release, just click one of the link buttons.


The inaugural edition of the SoccerStarz Foil Bag was called Series 1.

Series 1 featured 32 figures, 8 from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool & Manchester United, with Manchester united having their own edition of the foil bag.

All 32 figures were released on 7 base colours, which were Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver, Gold & Black.

series 2

Series 2 of the SoccerStarz Foil Bag was an extension of seris 1 and featured players in 2012/13 kit.

It did containt some which featured in the Series 1 bag but it also had new teams, such as Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Manchester United once again had their own bag version.

2014 edition

The SoccerStarz 2014 edition of the foil bag was quite an extensive release, with 3 different bags being released.

The generic bag featured teams which made yp the 2013/14 collection, Manchester United once again had their own bag.

Their was also a Scotland bag, which featured figures from Celtic, Rangers and Scotland, along with Scotish figures.

brazil craque

Soccerstarz teamed up with Brazilian publication 'Ole' to produce a foil bag product.


There were 15 figures to collect, all of which had already featured in the SoccerStarz range, there were no exclusives in this release.


The foil bag was sold exclusively in Brazil.

2014 world cup

SoccerStarz released a foil bag product to accompany it's blister pack and team pack releases for the 2014 World Cup.


There were2 versions of the bag, there was a Tournament edition bag which had figures from Brazil, Belgium, Germany, France & Uruguay.


England had their own version of the foil bag.

german 201415

SoccerStarz collaborated with German toy manufacturer Simba to release a 2014/15 edition foil bag.


Included in this release were 8 from Bayern Munich, 8 from Borussia Dortmund, 4 Barcelona, 4 Real Madrid, 3 Arsenal, 2 Chelsea, 1 Liverpool, 1 Manchester United and 1 from Paris Saint-Germain


This product was sold exclusively in Germany.

2015 edition

The 2015 edition of the SoccerStarz Foil Bag featured a host of figurines in 2014/15 kit.


Manchester United once again had their own bag, with the other teams figures being found in the generic Yellow foil bag.


Figures could be found on 9 different base colours, Green, Red, Blue, White, Silver, Gold, Black, Orange & Bronze.

belgian red devils
2016 edition

SoccerStarz released a foil bag product for the 2015/16 season.


The generic Blue foil bag featured a host of teams, while Manchester United once again had their own bag.


There seemed to be little variation in this product with many collectors finding the same players repeatedly and rare bases seemed non existent.

SoccerStarz joined forces with european hypermarket Carrefour to release a range of Belgian national kit figures.


The set consisted of 24 SoccerStarz figurines, all were on a GOLD base and in sealed foil bags.


This product was sold exclusively in Carrefour stores in France, Belgium and Holland.

bvb 2016

The 2015/16 Collection saw Borussia Dortmund get a foil bag product release.


This BVB foil bag featured 8 Borussia Dortmund SoccerStarz figurines, all in 2015/16 home kit abd on a Green base.


This product was sold exclusively in Borussia Dortmund stores.

panini sof 2016

Soccerstarz collaborated with Panini to release a foil bag product for the Euro 2016 tournament, this was called the Superstars of Football.


The set comprised of 24 figures, 1 from each nation competing at the 2016 Euro's.  All figures were on a Silver base.


Each foil bag contained 1 randomly packed figurine and a packet of stickers.

england 2016

SoccerStarz released an England foil bag for the Euro 2016 tournament.


The bag featured figures which had previously featured in the range, along with some new sculpts like Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy.


SoccerStarz celebrate thier 5th anniversary, and to celebrate they are releasing the Elite Foil Bag!


The Elite Foil Bag will feature a total of 40 figures, 5 of which are Away kit chaser figures exclusive to the Elite foil bag.


The SoccerStarz figurines inside the Elite Foil Bag can be found on 4 different base colours, Silver, Gold, Orange & Yellow! Manchester United had thier own foil bag version.

small banner

SoccerStarz released a Foil Bag product for the 2017/18 Collection.


The 2018 EDITION  Foil Bag consisted of 45 figures, 5 of which are Away kit SoccerStarz exclusive to the Foil Bag, 5 Manchester United figures; once again in a Manchester United foil bag, and 35 home kit figures.


Base colours used are: Hot PinkMint Green, Yellow and Gold




SoccerStarz released a Foil Bag product for the 2018/19 Collection.


The 2019 EDITION Foil Bag consisted of 36 figures all in Home kit, with the figures having  'ATTACK' and 'DEFENCE' ratings under the base.


Base colours used are: OrangeLight BlueGold and Purple


SoccerStarz worked in collaboration with German toy dsitributor SIMBA, to release a rather innovative product.


The SoccerStarz figures were placed inside a dissolvable ball, the idea was to limit the amount of packaging used.


24 figures were in the set, all previously released and all figures are on a GREEN base.

euro 2020 banner 1

SoccerStarz released a Foil Bag product for the EURO 2020 Collection.


The EURO 2020 Foil Bag consisted of 32 figures all in Home kit, with all figures being released on a GREEN base, including one figure which was exclusive to the EURO 2020 Foil Bag!


The 6 national teams found in the EURO 2020 Foil Bag are Belgium, England, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

continente logo
euro 2020 background
euro2020 portugal foil bag front

EURO 2020 Portugal Foil Bag

SoccerStarz released a Portugal Foil Bag as part of their EURO 2020 Collection.



The Portugal Foil Bag featured just 6 figures all in home kit, with all figures being released on a GREEN base.


This product was exclusively available in Continente stores in Portugal.

ssz 202021 background
2021 foil bad single image


SoccerStarz released a Foil Bag product for the 2020/21 Collection.



The SoccerStarz 2021 Foil Bag consisted of 32 figures, 27 on GREEN base and 5 on GOLD base, including one figure which was exclusive to the 2021 Edition Foil Bag!



The 2021 Edition Foil Bag featured players from Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

2022 Orange Background
2022 foil bag


SoccerStarz released a Foil Bag product for the 2021/22 Collection, which consisted of 36 figures, including 6 away kit figures which are exclusive to the foil bag!



The 2022 Edition Foil Bag features players from Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid & Paris Saint-Germain.



The figures inside the 2022 Edition Foil Bag are available on 4 base colours, which are:




 The SoccerStarz 2022 Edition Foil Bag was released on the 3rd September 2021.

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