2012/13 Collection

Series 1 saw the first set of 8 Arsenal SoccerStarz collector cards released inside the single blister packs. This first wave of cards saw the small player information box below the figure images, however this format was scrapped after series 1.

2 things worthy of note are the fact that Wojciech Szczesny and Jack Wilshere had 2 different collector cards released. Szczesny changed his squad number from #13 to #1, the initial release had Szczsny released with the #13 collector card, however SoccerStarz updated the card when the blister was re issued. Following the sale of Robin Van Persie to Manchester United, Jack Wilshere changed his shirt number from #19 to #10, so like with Szczesny the SoccerStarz team updated his collector card.

There was also an error with the Wilshere card, it incorrectly had his Date of Birth as 1982, the updated version with his DOB as 1992 was released but can be very tricky to find.

ars 1213
arse 1213 b

2013/14 Collection

The 2013/14 collection of Arsenal SoccerStarz saw the first release of some away kit figures and much to the fans delight long time manager Arsene Wenger was at last released. As the Arsenal kit did not change too much the decision was made not to alter it and repaint last seasons figures, they were just carried over, so only 5 new home cards to collect.

ars 1214